For the record ..

That Tyler the creator post is getting hella notes .. I do believe in God.

His messages come in many ways.

Just saying.


Guys give nothing but mixed signals….but you don’t see us crying about it every 5 mins on the internet.


fuckinnthug asked:


Rowland. Answer:

 4. Last song you listened to

- So Sick - Neyo

6. Dated someone twice

- I’ve never “dated”

17. Laughed until you cried

- Today in LA Fitness

55. First hookup

- I’ve never been “hooked up”. If I want someone I go after them.

63. Waiting for

- Currently - Happiness in drunkeness. I’m also waiting for love and guidance.

66. Career

- I just want to be in the video game industry.

 80. Broken someone’s heart

- Once. Because I was afraid. Her love was overbearing and I fled. I regret it sometimes,